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  • Archives of Taiwan under Japanese Rule
    The collections consist of three significant and valuable historical documents: Archives of Taiwan Government, Taiwan Government Monopoly Bureau, and Taiwan Development Company.
  • Taiwan Government
    Explore the colony policies of Japan ruling Taiwan and social development of Taiwan at the time, approx. 13,000 items
  • Taiwan Government Monopoly Bureau
    Apprehend the monopoly business activities of Taiwan Government on opium, salt, camphor, tobacco, liquor, matches etc, approx. 12,000 items
  • Taiwan Development Company
    Understand the late economic policies of Japan ruling Taiwan and Japanese economic expansion to Southeast China and Asia, approx. 2,800 items
  • Archives of Taiwan Provincial Government of ROC in Postwar Era
    From Taiwan Provincial Governor's Office to provincial and local governments of Taiwan, approx. 200,000 items